On an occasion of the existing 13 years of SOGLIA we have gathered, after two years of pandemic recess and transportation bans, in Vienna for the General Assembly. After many video Zoom conferences through this period and telephone contacts on a weekly basis, we finally had the pleasure to meet in person newly elected Grand Masters of various Obedience’s and new members. Under the hospitality of the Regular Grand Lodge of Austria and their Grand Officers, we had a preliminary session in a Temple and Ritual work in a temporary Temple. 

soglia 2022

Many Grand Masters and delegates with proxies of absent member Obedience’s have decided unanimously to postpone regular elections for President. For the reason of missing a rotating candidate from South America we have decided to elect a part time President Br. Calin Cosar again, for an extended mandate, until the next reunion in Mexico next year in November. For the other Officers and Grand dignitaries voting was on regular bases and it lasted up to the 2024 or replacing in the next Assembly. According to the Statute of SOGLIA, Brother who is nominated has to accept his nomination and accept his term and also to give nomination for some or all of his assistants and Vice presidents for the Continent.


On this occasion we have to work and exist up to the next Assembly and we agreed and voted likewise for the benefit of SOGLIA. We elected this Grand Officers:

  • President PGM Calin Cosar (Romania)
  • Vice President for North America GM Michael Davenport (USA)
  • Vice President for Europe and Africa GM Valentin Suvar (Romania)
  • Vice President for South America PGM Weston Jarwis (USA)
  • Vice President for South America GM Julius Armstrong (USA)
  • Vice President for Middle East GM Walid Abou Dehn (Lebanon)
  • Grand Chancellor GM Borko Ziravac (Serbia)
  • Deputy Grand Chancellor GM John Smith (USA)

On this occasion we had an on Agenda first establishing who has representative vote and proxy for some other Obedience and then, after personal introduction of the delegates we moved to following agenda:
1. Moments of silence after to GM Massiomo Tortora of Serenissima Gran Loggia d'Italia who passed to Eternal East during hot summer days in this year.
2. Reading and discussion about proposals for better communication of GM Tortora
3. Issues of masonic passport
4. Issues with commencing negotiation process with Masonic association in Europe.
5. Grand Chancellor Report
6. Announcement of new applicant Grand Lodges
7. Commencement negotiation with Masonic Congress of USA
8. Elections