This crest represents the masonic brotherhood that is sheltering the world, in a higher level of consciousness, in a threshold to the new era of harmony, love and unity.

1. The blue and white in the center of the crest represent our planet earth (Urania or blue planet) by its color as well as by the division of its quadrants that represent the number 4 symbolizing matter or the element earth, registered in a bawa of 8 sides it also represents the infinite, in which the earth is framed by the twelve universes as well as by time as considered in this dimension, when immersed in the infinite octagon represents the fourth dimension in which we reside. The third dimension is represented in the apparent volume of the figure.

2. The tools found in the center of the crest are the compass, symbol of precise moderation, the square symbol of uprightness and justice, the plummet, reminds us of the straightness of our acts, and the level, of our balance.

3. The eagle represents the return of our higher consciousness that has left duality and has begun a very focused journey towards a new dimension, the fifth dimension, using as its means masonry represented by the square and the compass that still exist in duality, emphasizing our real society. OTHER Attributes that is inserted as symbols of the eagle are the following: opportunity, protection, trust, masculinity, control, community, command, action, authority, ability, determination, vision, power, liberation, inspiration.

4. The serpent tailed chimeras emphasized in the crest are the symbol of the city de Arezzo, in green color, representing nature and truth, in a position of submission and respect, biting the horn of a gazelle, depicting the circle of life. AREZZO, the Italian word for threshold, is the city where the society of grand lodges in amity (SOGLIA) are being developed, and it is also the threshold between our present third and fourth dimension transition to the fifth dimension in the near future.

5. The crown represents the six great founding lodges of the treaty de arezzo, one spike for the first five and the crowning by itself as a unity of the total, also the crown of the imaginary circle encompassing the eagle depicts a pomegranate – symbol of masonic brotherhood.

6. The set is bordered by nine stars of five spikes that represent the nine masters who we must evoke looking for perfection. The number nine is the one of transmutation because of the palingenesic law, or of the immortality of the soul, by which we abide as part of an infinite unit, indivisible and renewable.
soglia shield m1
7. The eagle taking with its claws one ruler depicts that all of our tasks are sustained by rules, uprightness, moderation and prudence. The color of the ribbon is violet (transmutation) framed by the phrase attributed to Socrates, “as for me, all i know is that i know nothing”, in Latin “scio me nescire” as we learn, our ignorance dies, driving us towards more light and wisdom, not resting content with our knowledge, but as the Greek philosopher who scaled knowledge in the inverted pyramid, rather realizing that as higher we get, wider is the knowledge to achieve. This is a symbol of humility and modesty.

8. The set is contained within an esoteric oval shaped outline, or egg shaped, that represents the sovereign sanctuary of our own individuality and of the society where freemen of good behaviour are born.

9. The generating and harmonic pattern of this crest is Mercury, the planet which was the messenger of gods, as described by the Greeks; the kundalini of the Hindus. Its outline evokes geometric, mathematical, chromatic, sonorous and alchemy features, masterful used by Leonardo da Vinci for its model of the divine proportion.